Asaf Agranat

Product designer and frontendsmith

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I feel fortunate to be designing web experiences. 10+ years of making web products have taught me to love and respect the web browser. I think of it as a common dining table, to which we all come to consume and nourish, with our individual colors, needs, desires and boundaries. In my capacity, I see it my responsibility to own the process of imagining, materializing and implementing a design: by envisioning potential problems upfront, by continuously optimizing user experience, by understanding the ever-changing technology landscape, by bridging the gap between product and development. If this sounds up your alley, let's have a talk.


Lead Product Designer Exlibris (Clarivate)

Jerusalem, Israel

Created and led the design for 3 major B2B2C products, including a redesign for a flagship product. Researched and surveyed new user-bases. Established UX and a new cross-product design language. Developed and Instilled a continuously-documented component library. Worked tightly with developers on implementing frontends. Assisted and consulted on products, branding and marketing. Gave talks and presentations at international conferences abroad, and in Israel.

Principal UX/UI Designer TicketlQ (previously TiqIQ)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Designed an entire custom backoffice interface for managing a complex white-label, B2B product. Protoyped UX for the company's main webapp, including its transition to handheld access. Designed multitude templates and imagery to accommodate hundreds of client-branded custom implementations. Redesigned the entire web presence of the startup and its product, including email communications, ad banners. Created a massive stock of interactive vector maps of venues and stadiums.

Animator / Motion Designer / Illustrator (self employed)

London / Tel Aviv

Digital hand-drawn animation and illustration, motion graphics for idents and credit rolls, books and web illustration, catalog and poster print design.


ΒΑ (Hons) in Visual Communication ECA (Edinburgh College of art)


Animation, fine art, and cinema studies