Asaf Agranat

Product designer and frontendsmith

+972-(0)54-4421089 asafagranat.com asaf@duck.com

I'm passionate about web performance, accessibility, user enhancement and developer experience. I strive to methodically envision potential product problems ahead and enfold solutions early in the process. It's my prerogative to own the process of manufacturing a web-product, from ideation to release. 10+ years of designing and executing webapps have made me really love the browser - so I design entirely in the browser, enabling early real-world testing, and everyone involved can experience the product prior to development.


Lead Product Designer Exlibris (Clarivate)

Jerusalem, Israel

Created and led the design for 3 major products, of which was a redesign for a flagship product. Researched and surveyed new user-bases, and established UX for current user-base. Developed and Instilled a component library that brings a uniform cross-company UI design. Assisted and consulted on other major products, branding and marketing. Gave talks and presentations at international conferences abroad, and in Israel.

UX/UI Designer TicketlQ (previously TiqIQ)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Designed an entire custom backoffice interface for managing a complex white-label product. Protoyped UX for the company's main webapp, including its transition to handheld access. Designed multitude templates and imagery to accommodate hundreds of client-branded custom implementations. Redesigned the entire web presence of the startup and its product, including email communications, ad banners. Created a massive pool of interactive vector maps of venues and stadiums.

Animator / Motion Designer / Illustrator (self employed)

London / Tel Aviv


ΒΑ (Hons) in Visual Communication ECA (Edinburgh College of art)


Animation, fine art, and cinema studies

    Skills & Tools

  • Internationalization
  • Semantic HTML
  • Accessibility
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • SvelteKit
  • Angular
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma